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Introduce Yourself Here In This Thread!
John The Coach and Zac:

I thank you both for the great help. I will change these things before I get started today.
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Introduce Yourself Here In This Thread!
Hey hello everyone. Joined last week and I feel fairly confused right now. I opened a gravatar, added my picture all over the place but how I ended up with a pink R for my picture, I have no idea?
I'm a single senior. I have two grown sons, one is married and has a daughter. She is the first little girl in our whole family and has to be the most beautiful. She's three going on a bossy 30! But grand kids are the best; something my mother never dared mention. I don't think she even liked being a mother too much.
Both of my parents passed in the same year and I felt abandoned to say the least, even at 50. But I've been a single adult for the past 30 years while I was also a single parent for most of that time as well.
I have a blog about type 2 diabetes; something I take very seriously since I am also diabetic. It's really beginning to take off, finally. But I have a long ways to go on it too.
I'd love to author a book also because I love to write but also because I could write five pages and not get very far into the story line. ha. I'm also an animal rights activist and will go to just about any length to get anyone who abuses animals, into some deep doo doo. I gleefully yelled when they decided to shoot poachers on site in countries where they have big game. I'm happy to say most of these animals are now located in protected park areas. We've had guys from the USA who have lots of money decide to become big game hunters for a day who lured male lions off of protected lands in order to shoot them. We tried to get laws passed so that the remains of their big day could not be shipped home into the US but some higher up pres. had that overturned.
Anyway, I love camping, hiking, bike riding, walking on the beach, sitting by the fire, chatting and drinking a great red wine. I love to cook gourmet style or just BBQ a burger. Food is social for me, I'd rather eat with family and friends so I hate cooking just for myself.
I took up working around the internet as a kind of hobby but it has turned now into a more serious thing. 
Thanks for listening and I hope to get to know more of the people here, thanks Zac, it's been a lot of fun so far.
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