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  • About Me: Certified Digital Marketing Specialist. I've studied under marketing greats such as Frank Kern, Jay White, Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss, Sean Mize, Paul Nicholls, Jeff Walker, Brett Rutecky, Mike Thomas, just to name a few.
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Where is Bit Coin Going

If just getting rich is your desire, then keep looking.

What you need to realize is that you have to construct a business, don't waste your time looking for "get rich quick" schemes.

They never work.

If you have a business model that is actually helping people, eventually you will get rich. But any business takes time to start making good revenue.
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Powerline Club Getting Started Video Step 4 - How to add and advertise your sites and banners

In this video, you will learn how to add and advertise your site links and banners in the Powerline Club's Easy Income System.
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Powerline Club Getting Started Step 3 - How to install and use Traffic Browser

In this video, we go over how to install the Traffic Browser to use with the Powerline Club's Easy Income System and how it can help you rack up traffic credits at super speeds.
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Powerline Club Getting Started Step 2 - How to sign up to exchange sites

In this video, I'm going to show you how to sign up to the sites for the Powerline Club's Easy Income System so you can get started quickly.
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Powerline Club Getting Started Step 1 - How to get started quickly

This video covers a Basic overview on what you need to do to get set up with the Powerline Club's Easy Income System.
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Powerline Club Welcome Video - Overview of The Powerline Club's Easy Income System

This is the welcome video and little bit about us and the Powerline Club's Easy Income System.

Today is the day You can finally start making some serious income online. Not only does your membership here at the Powerline Club include digital products you can sell, use to build your list etc. But as you use all the tools I include here for you, when others join using your affiliate link, you will receive ongoing monthly income from each upgraded member in all of your powerlines!

You see, you can use the products anyway you like, but the most profitable way to use them is simply by sharing your affiliate link here! Plus I give you all the tools you need, over 30k free ad credits per month, top-notch banners, and splash pages, this home landing page, not to mention personal training from me.

Even Free Members Receive Numerous Resell Products...
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PLC Daily Task Check List (print out sheet)
Here is a pdf checklist that you can print out each day and CHECK OFF each TASK as you do them to keep you on track.

Or you can just save it, then print it, and tack it up on your wall next to your PC, so you can look at your task for daily use. [smile]

PLC Daily Task Check List Small.png
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PLC Traffic Sites Organizer Template
Download Your Template below...
A "Rich Text Document" version is also included for Mac Users [smile]

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Does Anyone Really Make Any Money here?
Yeah Joe,

Most people fail or don't make any money online because they give up too quickly and move on to something else...the key is consistency at one thing and you will see it pays off in the long run.

Our goal here is to help others succeed, and that's why we are going ALL OUT to make it AS EASY as possible for ALL MEMBERS in the Powerline Club!

We have some great Marketing Tools in the "PLC Marketing Tools" category, so make sure you check it out and download them. We'll be adding more as time goes by to make sure our members have the best possible tools in their arsenal. [wink]
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New Video Tutorials Coming for Powerline Club Members
Zac and I are working on some cool new Video Tutorials for you guys.

Stay tuned...
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Latest News From Powerline Club Forums!
No problem Zac! Happy to be here buddy [smile]
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Introduce Yourself Here In This Thread!
Hey Zac,

Great site buddy! 

Looking forward to browsing around [smile]
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