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Introduce Yourself Here In This Thread!
Hi Renee & John,

Yes, the signup with facebook is nice since it populates your profile with your facebook image. Renee all you have to do to change yours is click the drop down arrow next to your picture in the upper right corner and click "edit profile". From there you'll see a "change" button next to your image/gravatar. Just click that and upload any picture of yourself or what ever you like there.

Your blog sounds interesting. You could put a link to it in your signature which is also on your edit profile page. Complete instructions setting up your profile can be found here: How To Set Up Your Forum Profile

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Share Your Favorite Advertising Sites & Methods Here!
Thanks John,

Feel free to share anymore that are working the best for you as well. I see you're using a tracker, always a good idea to see which ones are performing the best....😉
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Where is Bit Coin Going
Great advice John.

Learning what works and sticking to it is one of the main keys to success. The longer I'm in this business, the more I realize that the learning never ends, however the truths I learned decades ago still apply today.
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Share Your Favorite Advertising Sites & Methods Here!
Many of our members are having great success using our free advertising methods I provide here, but it is also without doubt that many of you have some favorite places you advertise which are working for you which would also benefit our other members.

Please feel free to share them here and of course if they offer an affiliate link feel free to post yours here.

We're all in this together folks, as we continue to grow our collective efforts will make us grow all that much faster as we raise attention across the internet marketing online scene....
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Powerline Club Day 5 Success Guide

Today's Message Is All About The Money and Your PLC Income!

So, let's discuss just how our commissions structure works and how you're going to make more and more income on a monthly basis far into the future!

Free members earn $1 each month for every single person who upgrades to Pro in everyone of their powerlines. This of course can really add up the more powerlines you have. But think about this for a minute. Pro members get $5 for every upgraded member in all of their powerlines, so it only stands to reason, it's worth upgrading for 5 times the commissions.

Plus, when others in your powerlines have people upgrading in their powerlines, they will want to upgrade as well, which will benefit you! It's all part of my snowball effect, I've discussed before with you. You see, I've made the commissions as high as possible for this reason. It costs us to process payments, hosting etc etc. but we earn income the very same way you do, by building our powerlines!

Now, as time goes on, you'll start getting more and more members upgrading to Elite and Ultimate. Then if you upgrade, you'll receive $20 and $40 commissions for all those! Same rule applies, if one of your referrals has a member in any of their powerlines upgrade to Elite or Ultimate, they'll likely upgrade for those higher commissions, so it will be worth it for you to upgrade as well.

You see, if you just stick with our free advertising system, you will continue to grow your powerlines. Your referrals will do the same passing up their first sale to you, then that persons first sale passes up to you, and so on. Yup, the old snowball effect again!

In time you can have dozens if not hundreds of powerlines growing day by day! Monthly income which just keeps growing! It's all up to you, we've made it as easy as possible for this reason. Just commit to working our system and you will see results. We're using the very same system ourselves, that's how you got here after all.

OK, let's do a little math. Let's be conservative, just as an example. Let's say you have a dozen powerlines growing, and you've got an average of 12 passed up sales in each powerline, that's 144 upgraded members in just those 12 powerlines not even counting your direct referrals who have likely upgraded by now. At $5/month for each, that's $720 each and every month just from referring 12 people who are also working the system!

Imagine when you have 20, 30 ,40 or more referrals growing their powerlines passing up their first sale to you? Starting to get the picture now? This is not get rich quick, there's no such thing anyway. This is steadily increasing your monthly income with a proven sustainable business plan providing all the tools you need to succeed, as well as ongoing free training for years to continue to take your business and income to higher and higher levels.

Getting excited yet? I thought so, and well you should. Stick with this on a daily basis. Stay involved in our forum so you'll be up to date on all the training and updates we announce there. We're going to make it fun too. We've got plans for some contests with big prizes, other ways to help you all get referrals from our collective efforts etc. So keep and eye out for them there.

I've got just a few more emails I'll be sending you over the next few days, then after that most emails will be general announcements I make to all members. Be sure to read them usually at least one a week, but when I send them, they're important so please take a minute to check them out.

Talk to you soon,
Have a Great and Successful Day!

P.S. Be sure to login at the Home Page to keep an eye on any new features we add there.

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Powerline Club Day 4 Success Guide

How To Get More Free Advertising, More Referrals, and Grow More Powerlines...

Today I'm going to touch on several things you should do if you really want to take your Powerline Club to the next level! You want to read these guides each time I send them to help you, plus your referrals will get them as well, so you want to be able to understand these basics in order to help others who are just getting started.

Here's what we'll discuss:

  • Getting Organized!
  • Setting Daily Goals
  • Watching All Training As We Add More
  • Posting In The Forums Daily

In order to maximize your time gaining more and more free advertising, it's always a good idea to get organized. You should make a list of all the traffic exchanges you've joined to use in the power surfer tool available in your members free traffic center, with your ID and password for each. That way you can easily and quickly add them to the power surfer, sort them into groups of 7 and surf different groups.

Every successful marketer will tell you, setting goals is key to achieving your goals. If you haven't defined what you want to achieve, you are much less likely to achieve anything. Make sense? Of course at a minimum you want to spend at least 30 minutes a day surfing for free credits. Let's say you want to average 10 new referrals a week, and at 30 minutes a day surfing, you're averaging 5, well to meet your goal, you'll need to surf a bit longer.

Another key is to take a few minutes to watch our training videos, which Ronnie Rokk will be posting in our forums under PLC Marketing Tools. We start with the basics so you understand the system quickly, as well as your referrals. But we will be adding more and more as time goes by with new and exciting methods to grow your powerlines quicker and larger continually.

It's very important for you to join the forums, (just log in with Facebook, simple!). Set up your profile, add your referral link to your signature there, and make at least one post in the form of a comment or question in any of the categories there daily. You see, we'll get traffic straight from Google there, so as people see your posts and signature link, you'll likely get referrals straight from the forums!

Plus, it's a great way for your referrals to get to know you. Believe me, I done this many times in the past. I've had forums/sites with many 1000s of active members, people start becoming friends, excitement and motivation grows. We start working together as a team, help each other out, it really will become like a second family folks. Then as new members come in, they get up to speed all the much quicker seeing how engauged existing members are!

Ok, by now you should have joined all the traffic exchanges, and installed the power surfer tool. If you've not joined the forum yet, do that right now and introduce yourself. Never hesitate to ask a question if you get stumped. Our forum is one of the few truly responsive/mobile friendly ones anywhere, so it may take you a minute to get accustomed to it, but it really is simple to navigate.

Day 5 guide will go into some of the things Ronnie Rokk and I have planned in the near future, so keep an eye out for it.

Talk to you then,
Have a Great and Successful Day!

P.S. Make it a habit to login at our Home Page top left login button, so you see any of the new features we add there over time.

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Powerline Club Day 3 Success Guide

How The Powerline System Works To Grow Your Income

It is very important you understand how using the Powerline System will continue to grow your team and income if you simply spend as little as 34 minutes a day working it. You will get referrals, I guarantee it. We've tested this very same system for many months, and it works!

Let's say you average just one new referral a week at first, (you'll get much more as time goes on, I'll get into that later). You'll very likely get much more, but I want to use a conservative average for now. In just a few months you could have over a dozen powerlines growing at the same pace. Imagine from 50 to 100 powerlines growing in just one year!

Duplication is the key. Your referrals will be doing the same thing, and of course each one passes up their first sale to you, that sale passes their first sale up to you, that sale passes their first up to you and so on, forever!

You see, the beauty of the system is your referrals will have the same incentive to refer more creating more of their own powerlines. This will ensure many if not most will maintain their upgraded memberships earning you monthly commissions on an ongoing basis.

Connecting with your referrals is also a key component to being successful. Join our forum, set up your profile page, add an avatar/picture. Then when you get referrals, check your stats page in the members area where you'll find their contact information. Send them a welcome note, explaining your their sponsor. Then, give them a link to your forum profile page, or even a post you've made in the forums, where they can connect with you, ask questions from you or myself and the moderators etc.

Our forum is relatively new, so don't be fooled by the numbers there. Plus you can log in with Facebook and it'll add your profile picture for you! As more join and post there, the excitement and sense of community will build, believe me, I've done this many times over the last 20+ years. Internet marketing is all about relationships, all the super big earners will tell you that.

We will be posting detailed video training on every aspect of the Powerline Club System on a continual basis there, so keep an eye out for them. I'll announce all new ones as they're posted.

Day 4 Success Guide will go into getting more and more free advertising, as well as fine tuning and making sure your targeting your advertising properly for maximum results. You see this is a numbers game, what you'll be experiencing is not a 1 + 1 proposition but rather a 2 x 2 or 5 x 5 and then a 10 x 10 and so on system! Stick with it and get ready for the ride of your life!

Talk with you again tomorrow,
Have a Great and Successful Day!

P.S. Make it a habit to login at our Home Page top left login button, so you see any of the new features we add there over time.

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Powerline Club Day 2 Success Guide

How The Powerline Club Will Create A Snowball Effect For Success!

What is so exciting about the system I've created is it will automatically incentivize those in all your powerlines as they grow to upgrade to at least the Pro level. You see, since you receive $5/month for all Pro members in all your powerlines if you upgrade at just $5.95/month, with just one upgraded member under you, it only makes sense to upgrade yourself.

So, think about this. Once you have numerous referrals using the free advertising I supply for you, and they start getting referrals. Just one person upgrading under someone way down your powerlines can set off a chain reaction of many members under you upgrading!

A member may not even be in one of your powerlines, but is under someone in your powerline that person upgrades and causes your member to upgrade it benefits you!

That is the snowball effect. Not to mention, the more people you refer, the more that are using the free advertising bringing in more and more on a faster pace as time goes on. Just like a snowball picking up speed as it gets bigger rolling down hill!

Starting to see the picture now? That's why it's so important for you to spend at least 34 minutes a day accumulating the free advertising.

Here's another little secret. The more people we have on our team, the more people see all your referral links, and most begin to wonder...."Hmmm must be something good going on with that Powerline Club, I better check it out."

On average, a person sees a site 7 times before they join a program. We're averaging much less, but the rule of thumb is the same. The more people see something, the more likely they are to join.

Went a bit long here, but this was so important for you to understand, as well as those you refer, who btw will receive these emails after they join as well.

So hopefully you're set up with the advertising and powersurf bar and ready to start building up free advertising.

Day 3's email will concentrate on delving into some more advanced training on using the entire system, and being even more successful, so keep an eye out for it.

Have a great and successful day!

P.S. Make it a habit to login at our Home Page top left login button, so you see any of the new features we add there over time.

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Powerline Club Day 1 Success Guide

Today You Will Learn...

How as little as 34 minutes a day can change your life, and your finacial future!

You see, the key to the system I've set up for you is based upon you & all the referrals you will get, using my free advertising system (30k+ monthly ads), to grow your powerlines & income continually.

In your members area I've added the free programs that will do just that! You'll get 15k ad credits/month by simply logging into IBO toolbox twice a day & redeeming the free credit code there. Takes about 2 minutes twice a day, how's that for that much advertising?

Next you'll need to join & download the powersurfer toolbar. This will take you a few minutes to get set up, but once you do, you simply add the traffic exchanges I've included in the traffic center downline builder into the powersurfer tool and surf 30 minutes a day for another 500+ credits a day or 15k+/month!

Yup, you're at 30k/month now. Imagine if you spend an hour a day using the powersurfer or more?

It's up to you, do you want to succeed online? Is 34 minutes a day worth finally building a successful online business?

Of course it is. Over the next few days you'll receive several guides covering other strategies I want to share with you to help you acheive even higher success, so keep an eye out for them.

If you have any trouble whatsoever, please check out the support forum, it's brand new & will be updated with much more helpful tips as we go along. If you can't find the answer to a question you have, just post it there, & I or one of my moderators will be glad to help you.

Tomorrow's email will go into how your powerline team will create a snowball effect that will continue to grow bigger & faster the longer you stick with it, just like a snowball rolling down hill!

So, get all set up with the free traffic system, and I'll talk with you tomorrow.

Have a great & successful day!

P.S. Make it a habit to login at our Home Page top left login button, so you see any of the new features we add there over time.

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Motivation Soundtrack To Keep You Focused & Determined
Check out this soundtrack Ronnie Rokk uses himself to keep him focused and motivated. Use this music to focus while using the Powerline Club's Easy Income System. This track is 30 minutes so it's perfect for using while your surfing! It's amazing how this works, give it a try!

Take a quick listen to the sample below then download the 30 minute track....

zip PLC-Focus-Music.zip     
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PLC Quick Start Free Traffic Guide
Here's the PDF file for those of you who want to keep this guide on your computer to read offline.

pdf PLC Quick Start Guide.pdf        
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Does Anyone Really Make Any Money here?
Hey Joe,

Welcome! If you've been trying for 5 yrs. w/ no luck, you've come to the right place!

After 5 yrs. you just need to take the time to follow our instructions. Stick with it and you'll see results. We're adding new features constantly so keep an eye out for our emails.

Plus, we've got so many  really cool new tools and promotional pages in the works that will amaze you.

I've been doing this for a long time, now I'm going to show you and the entire Powerline Club Team how to do it.

Follow my instructions Everyday, you'll be glad you did....
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Latest News From Powerline Club Forums!
Hello members,

This topic will be used for the latest news from our forum and the powerline club in general.

Be sure to follow this thread for immediate alerts to all news and updates we make. As we add new features as well as income streams you definitely want to be the first to know!

1st news update is Ronnie Rokk Smith has agreed to be one of our valued Moderators here. He is a long time marketing friend of mine I met online over a decade ago. We've stayed in contact with each other over the years and he has also become our digital video & graphics director!

Ronnie Rokk will wow you with his video training, and also has his own line of digital products. Be sure to check out his profile and website to learn more about him.

Thanks Ronnie for being a valued member of the Powerline Club Staff!
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All General Marketing Topics Welcome Here

Welcome to the forums. In your member's area, click on the Free Traffic Center on the upper left member's menu.

Before you do, read the Free Advertising instruction on your main member's page real quick.

I just added over 900 promo codes for free ads at Traffic exchanges, so take advantage of that.

Anymore questions, just ask Charle.
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