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Motivation Soundtrack To Keep You Focused & Determined
Check out this soundtrack Ronnie Rokk uses himself to keep him focused and motivated. Use this music to focus while using the Powerline Club's Easy Income System. This track is 30 minutes so it's perfect for using while your surfing! It's amazing how this works, give it a try!

Take a quick listen to the sample below then download the 30 minute track....

zip PLC-Focus-Music.zip     
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PLC Quick Start Free Traffic Guide
Here's the PDF file for those of you who want to keep this guide on your computer to read offline.

pdf PLC Quick Start Guide.pdf        
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Does Anyone Really Make Any Money here?
Hey Joe,

Welcome! If you've been trying for 5 yrs. w/ no luck, you've come to the right place!

After 5 yrs. you just need to take the time to follow our instructions. Stick with it and you'll see results. We're adding new features constantly so keep an eye out for our emails.

Plus, we've got so many  really cool new tools and promotional pages in the works that will amaze you.

I've been doing this for a long time, now I'm going to show you and the entire Powerline Club Team how to do it.

Follow my instructions Everyday, you'll be glad you did....
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Latest News From Powerline Club Forums!
Hello members,

This topic will be used for the latest news from our forum and the powerline club in general.

Be sure to follow this thread for immediate alerts to all news and updates we make. As we add new features as well as income streams you definitely want to be the first to know!

1st news update is Ronnie Rokk Smith has agreed to be one of our valued Moderators here. He is a long time marketing friend of mine I met online over a decade ago. We've stayed in contact with each other over the years and he has also become our digital video & graphics director!

Ronnie Rokk will wow you with his video training, and also has his own line of digital products. Be sure to check out his profile and website to learn more about him.

Thanks Ronnie for being a valued member of the Powerline Club Staff!
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All General Marketing Topics Welcome Here

Welcome to the forums. In your member's area, click on the Free Traffic Center on the upper left member's menu.

Before you do, read the Free Advertising instruction on your main member's page real quick.

I just added over 900 promo codes for free ads at Traffic exchanges, so take advantage of that.

Anymore questions, just ask Charle.
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Introduce Yourself Here In This Thread!
Hey Ronnie,

Glad you made it buddy. Check out the features, share you posts on FB TW to invite others.

Look forward to some of your words of wisdom....

Nice banner sig too [wink]
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Getting Started W/ PowerLineClub Forums
Navigating The Forums:

Our forums is a brand new responsive format to work on mobile devices too, so it may be a bit unfamiliar to many of you. I'll explain just how easy it is to navigate.

First to the upper left are the three lines which is the Main Menu. Click on it and you'll see categories, topics, calendar, as well as a member's button. Click on it and view an alphabetical list of members with online highlights.

Also anytime you want to go to the main forum page just click Paid Daily Club Forum to the upper right.

Next to the upper left is your message alert as well as your Profile Menu. You can view and edit your profile from there as well as edit your settings which is where you set your private message preferences, email etc. This is very important for members to be able to contact their referrals here.

Adding An Avatar/Picture To Your Profile:

Just go to your profile by clicking the far upper right arrow and hover over your picture image and click. It will open a download feature so you can choose a picture from your computer, Simple!

Adding A Link Or Banner To Your Signature:

To edit your profile and add a link or banner to your signature click on edit profile in the upper right drop down arrow.

At the bottom of your profile editing page you'll see your signature. Click on it to open an editor much like writing a post. To simply put a link in your signature click the chain icon to the upper right and paste your link there and save. Simple!

To put a banner in your signature (468 x 60 or smaller only) simply click the tree icon and paste the image URL in the box and save.

To make your banner clickable to a link, simply click on the banner after you've added it, (it will highlight it) then click the chain icon and paste your link in there and save. Now your banner is clickable. Simple!

Fill out the rest of your profile

You'll want to complete the rest of your profile including a bit about yourself, add an avatar image etc. Your avatar can be a normal picture of yourself, or something cool or funky as long as it's not nudity etc.

Be sure to enable private messaging in your settings in the dropdown above so others can contact you here, particularly your referrals. [smile]

See you in the forums!
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All General Marketing Topics Welcome Here
The general discussions category is a great place to share topics that don't fit elsewhere.

The only thing we ask is topics not be blatantly self promotional, inappropriate, or have nothing to do with online marketing etc.

If you have something to share with our community that's way off topic, but not a sales pitch of some sort, then post it in the Coffee Shop category here, where members just chat with each other relax and get to know one another.
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Adding Links & Banners To Traffic Exchanges
Adding your links and banners at all our recommended traffic exchanges is critical to your success.

For those just getting started here is an easy guide for getting all set. Once you've completed these simple steps, simply repeat at all our traffic exchanges and watch your powerlines grow!

First copy and paste your referral link (I highly recommend using our splash page link for exchanges) after logging into a traffic exchange. Usually it's a link like "My Websites" etc in the member's area. Some sites have auto assign features which are nice so you don't have to continually assign more credits to your link after you've surfed all our exchanges.

Next you'll want to add your banner codes in the "My Banners" or similar area. Most all sites allow 468x60 banners and some the 125x125. Even if you don't have any banner credits don't worry. Most all our exchanges give you bonuses for surfing a lot in the form of banner credits etc.

Where it says banner url copy and paste the banner code like this from the promotional center: http://www.powerlineclub.com/images/468x60.gif

Next insert your referral link like this:

If your a real newbie don't worry, just hold left click down running over link to highlight, then right click and choose copy. Immediately insert per instructions above by right clicking and choosing paste, it's simple

You can also simply right click on the image itself and choose copy image location, paste it then do the same and choose copy link location. Try it on my banner below, it's simple.

Have any trouble at all, just post your question here.

This should be your #1 priority getting this setup at our traffic exchanges. This is guaranteed to grow your team!

Go for it!
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