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    Zac here, admin creator & founder of Paid Daily Club.

    Been working online since the 1990s. I'm all about helping other's
    make money online. It's the only way I make money. :)
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Basic Posting Rules At Paid Daily Club Forums
Forum Rules

Our forum is open to the public via invitation, our sharing tools to the left, and search engine traffic, therefore it is important that we have clear rules which must be adhered to in order to keep this a valuable resource for information and connecting with all members of Paid Daily Club.

1. The first rule is simply to be respectful to others and no use of foul language.

2. All members can put 1 link & 1 banner in their signatures as long as it isn't adult content or otherwise disrespectful, highly controversial, racist etc.

3. No Blatant promotion of other income programs or products here will not be tolerated outside of your signature.
This includes posts designed to promote your signature, like "anyone ever hear of this program?" when it's in your signature.

4. No Trolling, arguing, or posting videos that have no place here.

5. No Highjacking a thread with irrelevant content.

6. If you feel you see blantant violations of the rules or have been trolled etc. Simply private message me, or one of the moderators, which you can do by clicking on mine or their picture.

7. You can post new topics & reply in all Categories except the Forum Rules, Instructions & News/Announcements Categories where you can only reply to topics started by Admin.

Be sure and read the getting started with the forums instructions to learn how to set up your profile, activate private messaging etc.

I look forward to meeting all of you here!
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Introduce Yourself Here In This Thread!
Hey Members,

I started this thread for everyone to introduce themselves. Let everyone know a bit about them. Who they joined Paid Daily Club under, so they can connect and make lasting friendships here.

I've been doing this for decades, as I've stated, and I've made life long friendships with people I've never actually met face to face!

Yup, it's true. Many I've spoken to on the phone 100s of times, some on a daily basis for extended periods when we were working on a project together etc.

One of my old Ning sites years ago had 1000s of members and many of us, particularly the "regulars" became good friends for many years. I'm still in contact with many of them to this day over 10 years later!

I've owned many dozens of sites over the years, and 100 of domain names. All of them I built myself except for some of the more complex ones which I had the underlying script created or bought, and then customized it for my own use.

As far as my personal story, I'm from Central IL (rural area). I went to college in the 70s in Owatonna Minnesota. I've lived in Hollywood California, Dallas Texas, Talking Rock Georgia, Cocoa Beach Florida, Maui Hawaii, and even owned a citrus farm in Belize Central America, all for about a year each.

I've been involved in many businesses, but for decades I was involved in the construction industry as a commercial and residential contractor.

I'm divorced, I have 6 children 3 boys and 3 girls, (2 are twin girls) and 2 grandchildren so far. My youngest 3 are just starting college and finishing high school.

I love taking my family on trips to Florida when I can afford it, as well as fishing when I have time, dreaming about my next big project. Whether it be a new ground breaking website or a building project.

I could go on and on, but I don't want to write a novel here. Oh, did I happen to mention I'm working on a book too? Not a marketing book or anything like that, but actually one I'll sell on Amazon to the general public.

OK, enough about me. Why don't you reply to this thread and introduce yourself? I'll look forward to getting to know you and hopefully become good friends with many of you for years to come.
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Our Forum Is A Great Way To Advertise Free!
Hey Members,

Just a bit of advice to all of you to remember while your posting here at the forums.

This is actually a great way to advertise free by just posting regularly here at the forums.

You see not only will you build a reputation here with our members, but many of the viewers here have found us via Search Engines, or by people sharing our social media links to the left.

Which is another important tip. You know when you start a topic it is very important that once you've posted it, you should click all the social media buttons to the left and share at all you have an account with.

This will get your topic fresh eyes, and if they like what you have to say, they are much more likely to click on your signature link and join Paid Daily Club with you!

Even if your just replying to at topic, you should share it via the social media buttons. It will give even your posts more exposure.

You see, sometimes people will join PDC the first time they see it, but others may see it numerous times before they join. It's called enhanced exposure. The more people see something the more they subconsciously think, hmmm I keep seeing this, there must be something to it.

Of course for more advise and tools for free advertising and growing your team, read the getting started steps in the Paid Daily Club member's area. [wink]
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Starting New Topics & Posting Tips
Posting here at Paid Daily Club is super easy.

You can either start a new topic or reply to other topics. However the Forum Rules, Instructions & News/Announcements Categories you can only reply to topics started by Admin.

You'll be using a word editor which is basically what you see is what you get WYSIWYG as you are writing out your post.

Most of the tools are self explanatory. To put a link in your post use the chain icon, to insert a picture the tree icon, and to post a video use the film icon.

You can also use quotes and even post a poll. Once you've posted your topic or reply you can also edit share or delete the post with the drop down little arrow which shows in the upper right corner of the post ONLY when you mouse over the post.

Be sure to follow posts and topics you have made so you will get notified when someone replies to them.

It's also very important that you share your topic or post using the social share buttons on the left after you've posted is so your friends and followers will come here and read it. (And Maybe Click On Your Signature [smile] )

Any other questions about posting here just reply to this post and we'll be glad to help you.

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