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Today's Message Is All About The Money and Your PLC Income!

So, let's discuss just how our commissions structure works and how you're going to make more and more income on a monthly basis far into the future!

Free members earn $1 each month for every single person who upgrades to Pro in everyone of their powerlines. This of course can really add up the more powerlines you have. But think about this for a minute. Pro members get $5 for every upgraded member in all of their powerlines, so it only stands to reason, it's worth upgrading for 5 times the commissions.

Plus, when others in your powerlines have people upgrading in their powerlines, they will want to upgrade as well, which will benefit you! It's all part of my snowball effect, I've discussed before with you. You see, I've made the commissions as high as possible for this reason. It costs us to process payments, hosting etc etc. but we earn income the very same way you do, by building our powerlines!

Now, as time goes on, you'll start getting more and more members upgrading to Elite and Ultimate. Then if you upgrade, you'll receive $20 and $40 commissions for all those! Same rule applies, if one of your referrals has a member in any of their powerlines upgrade to Elite or Ultimate, they'll likely upgrade for those higher commissions, so it will be worth it for you to upgrade as well.

You see, if you just stick with our free advertising system, you will continue to grow your powerlines. Your referrals will do the same passing up their first sale to you, then that persons first sale passes up to you, and so on. Yup, the old snowball effect again!

In time you can have dozens if not hundreds of powerlines growing day by day! Monthly income which just keeps growing! It's all up to you, we've made it as easy as possible for this reason. Just commit to working our system and you will see results. We're using the very same system ourselves, that's how you got here after all.

OK, let's do a little math. Let's be conservative, just as an example. Let's say you have a dozen powerlines growing, and you've got an average of 12 passed up sales in each powerline, that's 144 upgraded members in just those 12 powerlines not even counting your direct referrals who have likely upgraded by now. At $5/month for each, that's $720 each and every month just from referring 12 people who are also working the system!

Imagine when you have 20, 30 ,40 or more referrals growing their powerlines passing up their first sale to you? Starting to get the picture now? This is not get rich quick, there's no such thing anyway. This is steadily increasing your monthly income with a proven sustainable business plan providing all the tools you need to succeed, as well as ongoing free training for years to continue to take your business and income to higher and higher levels.

Getting excited yet? I thought so, and well you should. Stick with this on a daily basis. Stay involved in our forum so you'll be up to date on all the training and updates we announce there. We're going to make it fun too. We've got plans for some contests with big prizes, other ways to help you all get referrals from our collective efforts etc. So keep and eye out for them there.

I've got just a few more emails I'll be sending you over the next few days, then after that most emails will be general announcements I make to all members. Be sure to read them usually at least one a week, but when I send them, they're important so please take a minute to check them out.

Talk to you soon,
Have a Great and Successful Day!

P.S. Be sure to login at the Home Page to keep an eye on any new features we add there.

Good Day!
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