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How To Get More Free Advertising, More Referrals, and Grow More Powerlines...

Today I'm going to touch on several things you should do if you really want to take your Powerline Club to the next level! You want to read these guides each time I send them to help you, plus your referrals will get them as well, so you want to be able to understand these basics in order to help others who are just getting started.

Here's what we'll discuss:

  • Getting Organized!
  • Setting Daily Goals
  • Watching All Training As We Add More
  • Posting In The Forums Daily

In order to maximize your time gaining more and more free advertising, it's always a good idea to get organized. You should make a list of all the traffic exchanges you've joined to use in the power surfer tool available in your members free traffic center, with your ID and password for each. That way you can easily and quickly add them to the power surfer, sort them into groups of 7 and surf different groups.

Every successful marketer will tell you, setting goals is key to achieving your goals. If you haven't defined what you want to achieve, you are much less likely to achieve anything. Make sense? Of course at a minimum you want to spend at least 30 minutes a day surfing for free credits. Let's say you want to average 10 new referrals a week, and at 30 minutes a day surfing, you're averaging 5, well to meet your goal, you'll need to surf a bit longer.

Another key is to take a few minutes to watch our training videos, which Ronnie Rokk will be posting in our forums under PLC Marketing Tools. We start with the basics so you understand the system quickly, as well as your referrals. But we will be adding more and more as time goes by with new and exciting methods to grow your powerlines quicker and larger continually.

It's very important for you to join the forums, (just log in with Facebook, simple!). Set up your profile, add your referral link to your signature there, and make at least one post in the form of a comment or question in any of the categories there daily. You see, we'll get traffic straight from Google there, so as people see your posts and signature link, you'll likely get referrals straight from the forums!

Plus, it's a great way for your referrals to get to know you. Believe me, I done this many times in the past. I've had forums/sites with many 1000s of active members, people start becoming friends, excitement and motivation grows. We start working together as a team, help each other out, it really will become like a second family folks. Then as new members come in, they get up to speed all the much quicker seeing how engauged existing members are!

Ok, by now you should have joined all the traffic exchanges, and installed the power surfer tool. If you've not joined the forum yet, do that right now and introduce yourself. Never hesitate to ask a question if you get stumped. Our forum is one of the few truly responsive/mobile friendly ones anywhere, so it may take you a minute to get accustomed to it, but it really is simple to navigate.

Day 5 guide will go into some of the things Ronnie Rokk and I have planned in the near future, so keep an eye out for it.

Talk to you then,
Have a Great and Successful Day!

P.S. Make it a habit to login at our Home Page top left login button, so you see any of the new features we add there over time.

Good Day!
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