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How The Powerline System Works To Grow Your Income

It is very important you understand how using the Powerline System will continue to grow your team and income if you simply spend as little as 34 minutes a day working it. You will get referrals, I guarantee it. We've tested this very same system for many months, and it works!

Let's say you average just one new referral a week at first, (you'll get much more as time goes on, I'll get into that later). You'll very likely get much more, but I want to use a conservative average for now. In just a few months you could have over a dozen powerlines growing at the same pace. Imagine from 50 to 100 powerlines growing in just one year!

Duplication is the key. Your referrals will be doing the same thing, and of course each one passes up their first sale to you, that sale passes their first sale up to you, that sale passes their first up to you and so on, forever!

You see, the beauty of the system is your referrals will have the same incentive to refer more creating more of their own powerlines. This will ensure many if not most will maintain their upgraded memberships earning you monthly commissions on an ongoing basis.

Connecting with your referrals is also a key component to being successful. Join our forum, set up your profile page, add an avatar/picture. Then when you get referrals, check your stats page in the members area where you'll find their contact information. Send them a welcome note, explaining your their sponsor. Then, give them a link to your forum profile page, or even a post you've made in the forums, where they can connect with you, ask questions from you or myself and the moderators etc.

Our forum is relatively new, so don't be fooled by the numbers there. Plus you can log in with Facebook and it'll add your profile picture for you! As more join and post there, the excitement and sense of community will build, believe me, I've done this many times over the last 20+ years. Internet marketing is all about relationships, all the super big earners will tell you that.

We will be posting detailed video training on every aspect of the Powerline Club System on a continual basis there, so keep an eye out for them. I'll announce all new ones as they're posted.

Day 4 Success Guide will go into getting more and more free advertising, as well as fine tuning and making sure your targeting your advertising properly for maximum results. You see this is a numbers game, what you'll be experiencing is not a 1 + 1 proposition but rather a 2 x 2 or 5 x 5 and then a 10 x 10 and so on system! Stick with it and get ready for the ride of your life!

Talk with you again tomorrow,
Have a Great and Successful Day!

P.S. Make it a habit to login at our Home Page top left login button, so you see any of the new features we add there over time.

Good Day!
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