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How The Powerline Club Will Create A Snowball Effect For Success!

What is so exciting about the system I've created is it will automatically incentivize those in all your powerlines as they grow to upgrade to at least the Pro level. You see, since you receive $5/month for all Pro members in all your powerlines if you upgrade at just $5.95/month, with just one upgraded member under you, it only makes sense to upgrade yourself.

So, think about this. Once you have numerous referrals using the free advertising I supply for you, and they start getting referrals. Just one person upgrading under someone way down your powerlines can set off a chain reaction of many members under you upgrading!

A member may not even be in one of your powerlines, but is under someone in your powerline that person upgrades and causes your member to upgrade it benefits you!

That is the snowball effect. Not to mention, the more people you refer, the more that are using the free advertising bringing in more and more on a faster pace as time goes on. Just like a snowball picking up speed as it gets bigger rolling down hill!

Starting to see the picture now? That's why it's so important for you to spend at least 34 minutes a day accumulating the free advertising.

Here's another little secret. The more people we have on our team, the more people see all your referral links, and most begin to wonder...."Hmmm must be something good going on with that Powerline Club, I better check it out."

On average, a person sees a site 7 times before they join a program. We're averaging much less, but the rule of thumb is the same. The more people see something, the more likely they are to join.

Went a bit long here, but this was so important for you to understand, as well as those you refer, who btw will receive these emails after they join as well.

So hopefully you're set up with the advertising and powersurf bar and ready to start building up free advertising.

Day 3's email will concentrate on delving into some more advanced training on using the entire system, and being even more successful, so keep an eye out for it.

Have a great and successful day!

P.S. Make it a habit to login at our Home Page top left login button, so you see any of the new features we add there over time.

Good Day!
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