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Hello members,

This topic will be used for the latest news from our forum and the powerline club in general.

Be sure to follow this thread for immediate alerts to all news and updates we make. As we add new features as well as income streams you definitely want to be the first to know!

1st news update is Ronnie Rokk Smith has agreed to be one of our valued Moderators here. He is a long time marketing friend of mine I met online over a decade ago. We've stayed in contact with each other over the years and he has also become our digital video & graphics director!

Ronnie Rokk will wow you with his video training, and also has his own line of digital products. Be sure to check out his profile and website to learn more about him.

Thanks Ronnie for being a valued member of the Powerline Club Staff!
Good Day!
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No problem Zac! Happy to be here buddy [smile]

Ronnie Rokk Smith  
Sr. Media Director

Certified Digital Marketer | Video Marketing Specialist | Marketing Coach


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A Division Of Hawkins Innovations
316 Locust St.
Delavan IL 61734
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