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Hey Members,

I started this thread for everyone to introduce themselves. Let everyone know a bit about them. Who they joined Paid Daily Club under, so they can connect and make lasting friendships here.

I've been doing this for decades, as I've stated, and I've made life long friendships with people I've never actually met face to face!

Yup, it's true. Many I've spoken to on the phone 100s of times, some on a daily basis for extended periods when we were working on a project together etc.

One of my old Ning sites years ago had 1000s of members and many of us, particularly the "regulars" became good friends for many years. I'm still in contact with many of them to this day over 10 years later!

I've owned many dozens of sites over the years, and 100 of domain names. All of them I built myself except for some of the more complex ones which I had the underlying script created or bought, and then customized it for my own use.

As far as my personal story, I'm from Central IL (rural area). I went to college in the 70s in Owatonna Minnesota. I've lived in Hollywood California, Dallas Texas, Talking Rock Georgia, Cocoa Beach Florida, Maui Hawaii, and even owned a citrus farm in Belize Central America, all for about a year each.

I've been involved in many businesses, but for decades I was involved in the construction industry as a commercial and residential contractor.

I'm divorced, I have 6 children 3 boys and 3 girls, (2 are twin girls) and 2 grandchildren so far. My youngest 3 are just starting college and finishing high school.

I love taking my family on trips to Florida when I can afford it, as well as fishing when I have time, dreaming about my next big project. Whether it be a new ground breaking website or a building project.

I could go on and on, but I don't want to write a novel here. Oh, did I happen to mention I'm working on a book too? Not a marketing book or anything like that, but actually one I'll sell on Amazon to the general public.

OK, enough about me. Why don't you reply to this thread and introduce yourself? I'll look forward to getting to know you and hopefully become good friends with many of you for years to come.
Good Day!

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Hi Zac!

Hey everyone, I'm Jewel Lee. I've joined many of Zac's membership sites over the years and the powerlineclub looks to be the best yet!

Look forward to meeting many new friends here. [smile]
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Hey there. I'm Pudge. I'm kind of new to this so don't think some of my questions are stupid, I just want to learn from you guys.

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Hey Zac,

Great site buddy! 

Looking forward to browsing around [smile]

Ronnie Rokk Smith  
Sr. Media Director

Certified Digital Marketer | Video Marketing Specialist | Marketing Coach


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Hey Ronnie,

Glad you made it buddy. Check out the features, share you posts on FB TW to invite others.

Look forward to some of your words of wisdom....

Nice banner sig too [wink]
Good Day!
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