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Navigating The Forums:

Our forums is a brand new responsive format to work on mobile devices too, so it may be a bit unfamiliar to many of you. I'll explain just how easy it is to navigate.

First to the upper left are the three lines which is the Main Menu. Click on it and you'll see categories, topics, calendar, as well as a member's button. Click on it and view an alphabetical list of members with online highlights.

Also anytime you want to go to the main forum page just click Paid Daily Club Forum to the upper right.

Next to the upper left is your message alert as well as your Profile Menu. You can view and edit your profile from there as well as edit your settings which is where you set your private message preferences, email etc. This is very important for members to be able to contact their referrals here.

Adding An Avatar/Picture To Your Profile:

Just go to your profile by clicking the far upper right arrow and hover over your picture image and click. It will open a download feature so you can choose a picture from your computer, Simple!

Adding A Link Or Banner To Your Signature:

To edit your profile and add a link or banner to your signature click on edit profile in the upper right drop down arrow.

At the bottom of your profile editing page you'll see your signature. Click on it to open an editor much like writing a post. To simply put a link in your signature click the chain icon to the upper right and paste your link there and save. Simple!

To put a banner in your signature (468 x 60 or smaller only) simply click the tree icon and paste the image URL in the box and save.

To make your banner clickable to a link, simply click on the banner after you've added it, (it will highlight it) then click the chain icon and paste your link in there and save. Now your banner is clickable. Simple!

Fill out the rest of your profile

You'll want to complete the rest of your profile including a bit about yourself, add an avatar image etc. Your avatar can be a normal picture of yourself, or something cool or funky as long as it's not nudity etc.

Be sure to enable private messaging in your settings in the dropdown above so others can contact you here, particularly your referrals. [smile]

See you in the forums!
Good Day!
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