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Our forum is open to the public via invitation, our sharing tools to the left, and search engine traffic, therefore it is important that we have clear rules which must be adhered to in order to keep this a valuable resource for information and connecting with all members of Paid Daily Club.

1. The first rule is simply to be respectful to others and no use of foul language.

2. All members can put 1 link & 1 banner in their signatures as long as it isn't adult content or otherwise disrespectful, highly controversial, racist etc.

3. No Blatant promotion of other income programs or products here will not be tolerated outside of your signature.
This includes posts designed to promote your signature, like "anyone ever hear of this program?" when it's in your signature.

4. No Trolling, arguing, or posting videos that have no place here.

5. No Highjacking a thread with irrelevant content.

6. If you feel you see blantant violations of the rules or have been trolled etc. Simply private message me, or one of the moderators, which you can do by clicking on mine or their picture.

7. You can post new topics & reply in all Categories except the Forum Rules, Instructions & News/Announcements Categories where you can only reply to topics started by Admin.

Be sure and read the getting started with the forums instructions to learn how to set up your profile, activate private messaging etc.

I look forward to meeting all of you here!
Good Day!

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