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Adding your links and banners at all our recommended traffic exchanges is critical to your success.

For those just getting started here is an easy guide for getting all set. Once you've completed these simple steps, simply repeat at all our traffic exchanges and watch your powerlines grow!

First copy and paste your referral link (I highly recommend using our splash page link for exchanges) after logging into a traffic exchange. Usually it's a link like "My Websites" etc in the member's area. Some sites have auto assign features which are nice so you don't have to continually assign more credits to your link after you've surfed all our exchanges.

Next you'll want to add your banner codes in the "My Banners" or similar area. Most all sites allow 468x60 banners and some the 125x125. Even if you don't have any banner credits don't worry. Most all our exchanges give you bonuses for surfing a lot in the form of banner credits etc.

Where it says banner url copy and paste the banner code like this from the promotional center: http://www.powerlineclub.com/images/468x60.gif

Next insert your referral link like this:

If your a real newbie don't worry, just hold left click down running over link to highlight, then right click and choose copy. Immediately insert per instructions above by right clicking and choosing paste, it's simple

You can also simply right click on the image itself and choose copy image location, paste it then do the same and choose copy link location. Try it on my banner below, it's simple.

Have any trouble at all, just post your question here.

This should be your #1 priority getting this setup at our traffic exchanges. This is guaranteed to grow your team!

Go for it!
Good Day!
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I absolutely love the banner ads you created Zac!

Along with the splash page and solo ads in the members area, not to mention the great home page video you did I can see the powerlineclub being one of the most successful sites in a very long time.

I also think your traffic exchange system is brilliant. What could be easier?
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